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Lac-Hydrin Cream | Lactic Acid |AmLactin | Lac-Hydrin | Side Effects

What is use of Lac-Hydrin Cream?

Lac-Hydrin Cream used for mild to severe forms of scaly or dry skin. It is a humectant. It enhances the water amount in the skin for making it more pliable and softer.

Lac-Hydrin Cream | Lactic Acid, Side Effects, uses, user review, feedback

What should you keep in mind before using Lac-Hydrin cream?

Some medicines and medical conditions could interact with Lac-Hydrin cream. Inform your doctor in case you have any medical conditions:

In case you are pregnant, thinking about to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding than inform your doctor. Or you should also inform your doctor if you are using any drug, whether it is herbal or dietary supplement.

How to use Lac-Hydrin cream (Dosing information):

  • Use Lactic Acid as directed by label on the medicine or your doctor of medicines.

  • Apply Lac-Hydrin cream in the affected part of body and rub in gently and completely two times in a day.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly right away after using Lac-Hydrin cream, except your hands are part of the affected area.

  • If you forget to apply Lac-Hydrin cream, use it as soon as possible you remember. Ask your health care.

  • Lac-Hydrin cream might cause of burning or stinging when used to cracked or scraped skin.

  • Lac-Hydrin cream is only for external use. So avoid its contact with the lips, eyes or mucous membranes.

  • If Lac-Hydrin cream swallowed by someone, it could be harmful. You should contact with your doctor immediately in such condition.

  • Lac-Hydrin cream might reason of increased sensitivity to the sun. Try to avoid exposure to the sunlamps, sun or tanning booths unless you very much know how you react to Lactic Acid cream. Here, you should wear a sunscreen or protective clothing in case you must be outside for the prolonged duration.

  • PREGNANCY and BREAST-FEEDING: Discuss with your doctor about benefits and risks of using Lac-Hydrin cream if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It is not known Lac-Hydrin cream is disgorge in breast milk. Inform your doctor too if you are breast-feeding while you are using Lac-Hydrin cream.

Side effects of Lac-Hydrin cream:

Drugs may reason of side effects too, but many individuals have no, or minor, side effects. Discuss with your medical expert if any of these side effects persist or become troublesome:

Dry skin; burning; itching; stinging; irritation; rash; flushing;

Seek medical emergency at once if any of these severe side effects occur:

Hives; rash; tightness in the chest; difficulty breathing; swelling of the mouth;

This is not an entire list of all side effects other may occur. Discuss with you medical expert to complete details.