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Nalcrom 100mg Capsules | Sodium Cromoglicate, Use, Side Effects User Review

What is Nalcrom Capsule?

Nalcrom 100mg Capsules contains sodium cromoglicate and belongs to a group of medicines named as anti-allergics. And basically it used for food allergy.

Nalcrom lowers patient response which patient is exposed to substances to which patient is allergic.

It performs by halting the release of the natural substances in patient body that can reason of an allergic reaction.

Nalcrom 100mg Capsules, Sodium Cromoglicate, USE, Side Effects, dose User Review
Nalcrom 100mg Capsules 

What is the use of Nalcrom 100mg Capsules?

Nalcrom 100mg Capsules are mainly utilized to treat allergic reactions to specific foods. Here you should follow advice of your doctor if he suggests avoiding some certain foods.

What ingredients Nalcrom Capsules contain?

Each Nalcrom Capsule mainly contains 100 mg of sodium cromoglicate. Additionally it contain gelatine and Black ink (Ethyl alcohol, containing Water, Iso-propyl alcohol, N-butyl alcohol, Propylene alcohol, Shellac, Potassium hydroxide, Ammonium hydroxide and Iron oxide black (E172)) and purified water.

What should you keep in mind before taking Nalcrom 100mg Capsules?

Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to any ingredient of Nalcrom 100mg Capsule especially (hypersensitive) to sodium cromoglicate.

Stop taking Nalcrom Capsules and inform your doctor if you find sign of an allergic reaction in your body like swallowing, rash, swelling in mouth and face.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding and Nalcrom 100mg Capsules: Inform to your doctor in all condition; if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and breast-feeding or planning to breast-feed.

How to take (Dosing Information) Nalcrom 100mg Capsules?

You doctor will decide amount of Nalcrom 100mg Capsules for you. Don’t take it without consulting your doctor.

In general, for adults and elderly

2 Nalcrom 100mg Capsules, four times a day, before meals

If you doctor found improvement he may lower your dose.

In general, for 2 to 14 aged Children

1 Nalcrom 100mg Capsules, four times a day, before meals

When your kid’s symptoms improve, your health care expert may lower the dose

Take this drug by mouth.

Take this drug before taking food.

In case signs of allergy do not improve within 10 to 15 days, your health care expert might change your dose. Your dose should not be bigger than 40 mg for each kilogram of your body weight every day. If you feel allergic, and feel your dose are heavy or weak consult to your doctor. Don’t change dosing amount by yourself.

If you have taken more Nalcrom than you should go to the hospital straight away or contact to your doctor.

In case you forget a Nalcrom 100mg Capsules dose, take it the moment you remember it. Although, if it is almost time for the next Nalcrom dose, skip the missed one.

Inform your doctor if you feel improvement. Don’t stop taking Nalcrom without consulting your doctor.

How to store Nalcrom 100 mg Capsules?

Keep Nalcrom 100 mg Capsules away from children reach.

Do not take this drug after the expiry date which is mentioned leaflet.

Store Nalcrom 100 mg Capsules below 25°C and in a dry place.

What are the possible side effects of Nalcrom 100mg Capsules?

Like other drugs, Nalcrom 100mg Capsules can bring side effects, however, not everyone gets them. Quit taking Nalcrom 100mg Capsules and see your doctor if following side effects occur:

  • You feel allergic side effects of Nalcrom 100mg Capsules like swelling of your throat, face or tongue, and swallowing or breathing problems.

  • Feeling sick (nausea)

  • Skin rashes

This is not complete list of all side effects of Nalcrom 100mg Capsules, other may occur.