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General Information About Banzel

What exactly is Banzel?

Banzel (rufinamide) also named an anti-epileptic or anticonvulsant is a seizure drug.

Banzel is used to treat seizures together having other drugs, which is caused by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a severe kind of childhood epilepsy which also will cause developmental and behavior issues.

Adults can use Banzel or children who are at least one or one and half year.
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Most significant info about Banzel

Banzel shouldn't used by those who have a critical liver illness, or the genetic heart rhythm problem that is known as Short QT syndrome.

Inform to your doctor before taking Banzel if you have problem of heart illness, kidney illness and liver illness or history of mental disease and depression.

You could possibly have thoughts about suicide while you are taking that drug. Your health care adviser has to check you at regular checkups. Tend not to miss any scheduled appointments with doctor.

Inform any new symptoms to your doctor, for example: changing in mood or behavior, depression, panic attacks anxiety, problem in sleeping, or feeling of impulsive, upset, hostile, restless, aggressive, hyperactive, irritable, talkative, or have feelings about suicide or harming yourself.

Do definitely not stop taking of Banzel suddenly.

Some patients have feelings about suicide while having seizure drug. Stay aware of changes as part of your mood or symptoms.