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What is Gabitril? | tiagabine | Side Effects | User Review

What is Gabitril (tiagabine)?

Gabitril is use as an anti-epileptic drug, also named an anticonvulsant. Tiagabine or Gabitril is utilized single or in combination with other drugs to treat partial seizures in children (at least 12 years old) and adults. Gabitril could also be used for other purposes, which is not listed in this guide. 

What is the key information about Gabitril or tiagabine?

Before using tiagabine, inform your medical adviser if you're allergic to any prescription drugs or in case you have liver disease. You may experience suicidal thoughts so keep in touch with your doctor.  
Call you doctor if you found these symptoms in patient: changes in behavior, depression, anxiety, depression, feel agitated, aggressive, restless, or suicidal thoughts. Do not stop using tiagabine even even if you feel better without asking your doctor. You may have enhanced seizures if you suddenly stop taking tiagabine.

Gabitril available in 5 mg, 10 mg and 15 mg;  
Gabitril-tiagabine-Side effects

Discuss with your doctor before taking Gabitril:

In case you have liver disease, you may require a dose adjustment. And Before taking this drug, inform your medical adviser in case you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.  Same advice, if you are breast-feeding a baby.

How should you take Gabitril (tiagabine)?

  • Take Gabitril drug exactly as it had been prescribed for you. . Do not take it large or small quantities as doctor recommended.

  • Take Gabitril with food.

  • Your medical professional may often change the dose over many weeks to ensure you get the best results with this drug.               

  • Store Gabitril in room temperature and keep away from moisture, light, and heat.

  • In case you miss the dose, take it as soon as you remember.

  • Seek emergency medical help if you think you have used too much of this drug. Overdose symptoms can include drowsiness, confusion, vomiting, feeling hostile or agitated, feeling agitated.

What what's avoid though taking Gabitril (tiagabine)?

Tiagabine could potentially cause side effects that may impair the vision or reactions. Be aware if people drive or do most things that requires that you be notify and capable to see obviously.

Avoid drinking alcohol while you taking Gabitril.

Side Effects of Gabitril (tiagabine)

Side effects of Gabitril in allergic reaction include: Swollen glands; nausea; Hives; Swelling of the face, mouth area, tongue, or throat; Difficulty inhaling and exhaling; Painful sores in or around your eyes or mouth;

Call your medical adviser at once if you have any symptoms such as:

  • Mood changes and Anxiety;’
  • Feeling agitated and Feeling hostile;
  • Restless and Hyperactive;
  • New or worsened seizures;
  • Misunderstandings, hallucination;
  • Difficulty with speech or vision;
  • Severe blistering and red pores and skin rash;
  • Tremor;
  • Insomnia;
  • Weight changes;
  • Dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, weary feeling;
  • Cough, sore throat;