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Abreva | Docosanol Topical | Doses, Side effects & User review

What is Abreva?

Docosanol is an antiviral prescription. It is utilized to treat cold sore diseases caused by the herpes simplex infection (virus). Abreva can speed up healing of the sores and decrease symptoms. It performs by stopping the virus that causes the cold sores (herpes simplex) from entering the strong skin cells.

Cold sores are infectious some time before, amid and after an outbreak or when blisters are there. Patient of cold sore should avoid intimate or close physical contact, like kissing, when having an outbreak. Do not share abreva topical with anybody. Sharing might spread the virus.

Avoid getting docosanol topical in the eyes or mouth.

Abreva topical might also be utilized for other purposes those are not listed in this guide.

Abreva-Docosanol-Topical-user review

Who should not use Docosanol topical (Abreva)?

Before utilizing docosanol topical, inform your medical specialist in case you have any other health problem or medical condition:

  • Pregnancy and Docosanol Topical: The impact of docosanol topical utilization during pregnancy is not clear. Do not use docosanol topical without first confirming with your medical specialist in case you are pregnant.

  • Breast feeding and Docosanol Topical: It is not known Abreva topical passes into breast milk to baby. Try not to utilize docosanol topical without first consult with your medical specialist.

  • Docosanol topical is not recommended for kids who are under 12 year old.

Dosing information about Abreva (Docosanol Topical)?

  • Use docosanol precisely as instructed by your medical specialist. In case you don't understand these instructions, ask your pharmacist.  

  • You must wash your hands before and after using docosanol topical. 

  • Abreva topical should to be utilized at the very starting indications of a cold sore, for example, the tingle, bump, redness, or itch.

  • Abreva topical is a smooth and white cream that dries clear. It will not burn or sting and it has no taste or smell.

  • You should remove all beauty care products before applying docosanol topical. Apply sufficient docosanol topical to entirely cover the fever blister or cold sore and then rub it completely and gently.

  • Docosanol topical is normally applied 5 times each day until healed. Quit utilizing docosanol topical and see your medical specialist or doctor in case cold sore gets worse or cold sore is not healed inside ten days.

  • In case cream accidentally removed, re-apply it as quickly as you can.

  • Beauty product, for example, lipstick, might be connected over docosanol topical. In any case, use a separate applicator, for example, cotton swab, to apply beauty product over an unhealed cold sore to avoid spreading the virus.

  • Store Abreva topical at room temperature and keep far from dampness and heat.

Side effects of Docosanol Topical (Abreva):

There is not any serious Side effects are expected with docosanol topical drug. In case you suspect an allergic reaction (trouble breathing; rash; hives; itching; swelling of your lips) look for medicinal help. Other uncommon side effect is headache.

Other Side effects may occur that are not mentioned in guide.