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Urea cream or lotion Uses | Doses, Side Effects | User Review

Use of Urea Cream:

Urea Cream or lotion is used for treat cracked, calloused, moisturizing and softening dried, hard, and rough skin of hands, elbows or feet. It could also be utilized in different conditions as determined by your medical expert.

Urea cream or lotion is a debriding agent. This drug functions by helping the collapse of dead skin and pus that helps to scaly, shed hard and loosen skin.

Do not use Urea lotion and cream:

  • If patient is allergic to any component of urea cream;

  • Go for your medical expert immediately if these apply to you personally.

  • Before using urea cream or lotion:

  • Some health or medical condition may interact with urea cream. Inform your medical expert or pharmacist in case you have any medical conditions, like:

  • In case you're pregnant, or you may have planned to become pregnant or if you are breast-feeding mother.

  • In case you're taking any treatments or drug, herbal or supplement;

  • In case you are allergies for you to meal, medicines, or dietary substances;

  • Some drugs may interact to urea cream lotion or cream. This is because small, if any, of urea is absorbed in your blood, the chances of it interacting together with other drugs is low.

  • This will not be an entire list of all interactions which could occur with urea cream. Ask your medical expert if urea cream might interact to other drugs you take. Test with your medical expert before you begin, halt, or make change in the dosage of any medicine.

Urea cream side effects and doses

How you can use urea cream:

  • Use urea cream as directed from your doctor or as mentioned in drug package label.

  • Urea cream or lotion is perfect for external use only.

  • It is recommended that wash your hands before and after using urea cream except both hands are area of the treated place.

  • Apply small quantity of cream on the affected place. Rub with thoroughly.

  • When you miss a dose of urea cream or lotion, apply it as soon as you remember. In case it is almost time to your next dose than you should skip your missed dose and come back to your normal dosing routine. Do definitely not use two doses at same time.

  • Ask your medical expert any difficulty you might have about how you can use urea lotion cream.

Important basic safety information about urea cream:

  • Urea cream is perfect for external use only. Do not apply it in your mouth eyes or nose. In case you have applied urea cream in your eyes, rinse it at once using a generous quantity of cool water

  • Do not use urea cream to broken or severely irritated skin area.

  • Avoid use of cream longer time than recommended, or work with urea cream for different skin problems without asking to your doctor.

  • Pregnancy and urea cream: in case you become pregnant while using urea cream, talk about it with your medical expert the advantages and disadvantages of using urea cream during pregnancy.

  • Breast feeding and urea cream: It is still not known if urea cream is excreted with breast milk. In case you breast-feeding while you are applying urea cream, confirm with your medical expert about the risks for a baby.

Side effects of urea cream or lotion:

  • Go and check all with your medical expert if these most general side effects persist or become disturbing like, itching, temporary burning, stinging, or mild skin irritation;

  • Find some medical emergency without delay if these severe side effects occur:

  • Allergy symptoms like hives, scratching, rash, difficulty inhaling and exhaling, itching, tightness in the chest, swelling from the mouth, redness, irritation;

This isn't a complete record of all side effects that may occur. contact with your doctor for compete information.